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Mediterranean style kitchen

  1. Mediterranean style kitchen by Ossigeno Architettura Mediterranean
  2. Mediterranean style kitchen by Egue y Seta Mediterranean
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  4. Mediterranean style kitchen by Egue y Seta Mediterranean
  5. Mediterranean style kitchen by Công ty TNHH Nội Thất Mạnh Hệ Mediterranean
  6. Mediterranean style kitchen by yesHome Mediterranean
  7. Mediterranean style kitchen by GPA Gestión de Proyectos Arquitectónicos ]gpa[® Mediterranean
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  9. Mediterranean style kitchen by LA BOTTEGA DEL FALEGNAME Mediterranean Solid Wood Multicolored
  10. Mediterranean style kitchen by ROAS ARCHITECTURE 3D DESIGN AGENCY Mediterranean
  11. Mediterranean style kitchen by iammies Landscapes Mediterranean
  12. Mediterranean style kitchen by GESTEC. Arquitectura & Ingeniería Mediterranean
  13. Mediterranean style kitchen by Civicocinquestudio Mediterranean
  14. Mediterranean style kitchen by Helô Marques Associados Mediterranean
  15. Mediterranean style kitchen by Fernanda Moreira - DESIGN DE INTERIORES Mediterranean
  16. by manuarino architettura design comunicazione Mediterranean Iron/Steel
  17. Mediterranean style kitchen by Francesca Ignani Interiors Mediterranean
  18. by Rima Design Mediterranean
  19. Mediterranean style kitchen by tatarintsevadesign Mediterranean
  20. Columbia Street by GD Arredamenti Mediterranean MDF
  21. Mediterranean style kitchen by Egue y Seta Mediterranean
  22. Mediterranean style kitchen by GPA Gestión de Proyectos Arquitectónicos ]gpa[® Mediterranean
  23. Mediterranean style kitchen by 윤성하우징 Mediterranean
  24. Mediterranean style kitchen by Grupo Inventia Mediterranean Wood-Plastic Composite
  25. Mediterranean style kitchen by Lara Pujol | Interiorismo & Proyectos de diseño Mediterranean
  26. Mediterranean style kitchen by Brick Serveis d'Interiorisme S.L. Mediterranean
  27. Mediterranean style kitchen by Egue y Seta Mediterranean
  28. Mediterranean style kitchen by Molitli Interieurmakers Mediterranean
  29. Mediterranean style kitchen by mobla manufactured architecture scp Mediterranean
  30. Mediterranean style kitchen by Egue y Seta Mediterranean
  31. Mediterranean style kitchen by dmesure Mediterranean
  32. Mediterranean style kitchen by Rima Design Mediterranean
  33. Mediterranean style kitchen by LLIBERÓS SALVADOR Arquitectos Mediterranean

What makes Mediterranean style kitchens so popular?

The reason why Mediterranean style kitchens are so famous is that it creates a beautiful environment. It inspires you to be creative by displaying a relaxed and cheerful ambiance. If you like to cook on a daily basis, then similar looking kitchens are ideal for your home. This European style design creates a beautiful blend of country life and the seaside. It will allow you to spend hours with your family while preparing and enjoying meals together.

What colors are best for the walls of Mediterranean kitchens? 

The walls of a Mediterranean style kitchen needs way more than just a coat of paint. This design theme is all about incorporating beautiful textures on to the surfaces. One of the simplest ways of bringing texture to your kitchen walls is by creating them with bricks or stones. It also adds to the rustic appeal of the house. However, painting the surface with the color white is the right way to go while creating a Mediterranean layout. The reason why white is the primary color is that it reflects light accurately. A light-filled room is one of the leading elements of typical Mediterranean design.

Apart from this, you can also incorporate colors that reflect nature. Tones like terracotta, blue, green, and olives play a vital role. Some of the other shades which you can include in your Mediterranean kitchen are beige and ochre. These colors highlight different natural elements like the sea, grass, and the sand. The entirety of creating a Mediterranean space is about making you feel relaxed and fresh. You can even add a rustic finish to the overall room by incorporating shades like reddish-brown. However, these colors are ideal for a large space rather than a small one.

In case, you own a small kitchen then the best way to make it look Mediterranean is by opting for lighter shades of color. Here white should be the dominating factor in the entire room. It will make the space look larger than it is by reflecting light. This trick allows you to create the same design concept even for an apartment size kitchen situated in an urban city.

What colors and coatings should be used for the floors of Mediterranean kitchens?

Like we mentioned earlier a Mediterranean style space is all about natural elements. That is why incorporating the same types of color is also essential. The shades that evoke nature like brown are ideal for the floor. It not only makes the environment of your kitchen look warm but it is also easy to maintain. While designing your Mediterranean style kitchen using a flooring option which is easy to clean and moisture resistant is a must.

Another material which can be used for coating the floor of your kitchen is tile. You can even opt for mosaic, vinyl, and wood if you want to experiment with the design. However, your construction budget plays a significant role while deciding the flooring material. The cheapest material available in the market is vinyl. Whereas, ceramic tiles are priced according to per square foot. In case you opt for designer tiles then it can be a little more expensive. To know more about all the available options, we suggest you contact our kitchen planners.

What furniture will look good in my Mediterranean kitchen?

When it comes to designing the furniture of your Mediterranean style kitchen, make sure that it looks rustic. Worn out or distressed looks are also perfect for such furniture pieces. Besides, light-tone wood is also ideal for styling your kitchen units. You can even combine different materials for creating the fixtures of your kitchen. For example, you can build a wooden cabinet that has a granite countertop. In case, you want the accessories to stand out then incorporating a unique color natural stone as the countertop is highly recommended.

What decorative elements can I include in my Mediterranean kitchen?

Decorative elements that resemble the countryside or any other natural feature are preferred for a Mediterranean style kitchen. It should always remind you of family vacations so that you can feel relaxed. Another way to decorate the space and also make it smell beautiful is by incorporating flowers. They will also add a touch of color to the place. Proper lighting is also essential for creating a room with a Mediterranean theme. However, natural light is preferred over artificial one. That is why building windows or skylights throughout the kitchen is a must. You can even use hanging planters so that you do not cover the entire floor space while decorating the kitchen. Other elements like rustic looking wall-mounted lamps are also great for accessorizing a Mediterranean style space. They are also of very affordable.

What kind of ceilings are ideal for Mediterranean kitchens? 

The ceiling of a Mediterranean style room should also follow the exact rules as any other surface. It should reflect rustic looking elements like exposed wooden or iron beams. In case the structure of your home does not allow using rafters then accessorizing it with strips of wood is another way to go. It will create the same rustic look without adding weight to the ceiling. You can even paint these beans in the color white so that it compliments the rest of the decor.

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