Kitchen-units: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I install kitchen cabinets in my home?

No stylish home can afford to ignore the importance of buying and installing the right kind of kitchen cabinets. They are one of main features of your kitchen design and help you plan an organised and functional space. Consider seeking help of an expert kitchen planner to decorate your kitchen with proper kitchen units. This will help you to save money and the hassles of doing everything on your own. However, if you take delight in planning and installing cabinets you may as well try your hands and complete this task.

You will need a few tools and materials for installing cabinets. Some of these include prefabricated cabinets, pencil, screws and nails, screw gun, clamps and a tape to measure the space. Begin by estimating the heights of the base units. Modular cabinets generally have a standard height of about 34 inches. Mark this on the wall and then add a backsplash of about 20 to 24 inches. This will help you install the small appliances on the top of the base unit.

To ease the process of installation, unhinge the doors and cabinet hardware. Hold the wall units with the help of clamps and attach them in place with screws. Install the frames for the base units. Make sure to adhere to the horizontal mark you have made on the wall. Fix the base units with the frames. Don’t forget to place them on a level surface. Attach the doors and cabinet hardware in their places.

Decide where you want to place the kitchen island and draw a mark on the floor. Place blockings on the designated space and attach the island to it. Use filters to hold the wall cabinets and the base units in their places. Place the countertop on the base units and, with the help of screws, fix it firmly to the base. Once you are done with the process of installation, clean the entire space. Wash off any exposed chalk or pencil marks.

What are some of the materials and prices for cabinets in Singapore?

Kitchen cupboards can be made of a variety of materials. To choose the right one for your kitchen, think of the décor you are going to adapt in this space. Choose materials that are easy to maintain, long lasting and affordable. While checking kitchen ideas on homify or elsewhere, take a note of the materials that have been used to decorate the space. Following are some of the most popular materials for kitchen cupboards:

Solid wood – Cupboards made of solid wood is a favourite for all seasons. You may buy or custom design cabinets using cedar, oak, mahogany, walnut, pecan, hickory or cherrywood. Each has its unique texture and colour which helps you design a very chic space. Besides, wood is extremely durable. It can be used in a classically designed interior as well as a modern one. As a material, wood is eco-friendly and sustainable. Cupboards made of natural wood costs about SGD 400 per square foot.

In the recent time, laminated cabinets have become hugely popular in Singapore. Though laminate cabinets don’t have the charm or durability of wood, they are very affordable. Engineered wood is another popular choice. It may lack the durability or beauty of hardwood, but it is easy to maintain and cost effective. Laminate and engineered wood cabinets cost less than SGD 100 per square foot. You may also consider buying cabinets made of vinyl or thermofoil. Vinyl cabinets are available in a range of attractive colours. Thermofoil, however, lacks sufficient resistance to heat. So if you really want to use it in this space, make sure to add a protective sheet on it to save it from the heat related damages.

Metal – Aluminium is a favourite cabinet material in a professional kitchen. You may use it in your residence too and add an extra bit of glamour. Aluminium cabinets are lightweight, easy to clean and durable. They are not prone to heat related damages. They charming in a contemporary setting designed with an industrial flair. However, they may develop dent or scratch marks when hit by sharp objects. This type of cabinets cost about SGD 60 per square foot.

Stone – Stones like granite, marble, onyx, sandstone, quartz and slate are used for designing the countertops. They give a very sleek finish to your kitchen design. Marble and granite are the strongest of all countertop materials. They are resistant to heat, easy to clean, not prone to chipping and very durable. Materials like sandstone and quartz are considerably durable as well. But slate countertops might be prone to chipping. Natural stone countertops cost in excess of SGD 100 per square foot. Engineered stone countertops are available in less than SGD 50 per square foot.

What kind of kitchen units should I buy for a small kitchen?   

Install floating cabinets to free up some floor space in a small kitchen. Consider installing built in kitchens to optimise the available space. You may buy a portable island with built in seating arrangement for two to four people. This type of islands can easily be removed in an empty corner, once the work is done. In a small home, you may use them as a dining table. They can also be wheeled to your outdoor entertainment area during occasional barbecue parties. Also, choose cabinets which match the colour scheme of this space. You may buy natural wood cabinet to induce a warm feeling in the interior environment.