Lean-to roof design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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What is a lean to roof?

Lean to roof is a type of sloped roofing system supported by a wall, generally of the main building. It boasts of a simple design and is one of the most commonly seen roof types across the globe. Lean to roofing is often designed to cover the courtyard, exposed stairways, carports, store rooms and garden sheds. This type of roofing can be a part of the permanent construction or a temporary one.

Lean to roofing is favoured for various reasons.

- It is easy to build and very cost effective.

- From stone to polyethylene, lean to roofing can be built using a variety of materials. Almost all of these materials can be easily sourced from the local hardware stores in Singapore.    

- Lean to roofing can be built to last for decades. 

- This type of roofing is ideal for protecting the exposed parts of your buildings, like the terraces and staircases, from the elements of nature.

- You may build a lean to shed and use it as a home office, kid’s playroom, artist’s studio or entertainment area.

- Glass, clear acrylic, stone or wooden lean to roofing system is often selected for its beauty.

- This type of roof is renowned for its ease of maintenance.

- You may install lean to roofing in the most cramped areas of your building.

- Lean to roofing is sometimes referred to as skillion. Like gable roof, it boasts of an illustrious history. The famous lean to roofing of Museo Nazionale in Sicily is a prime example of that.

- Stylishly designed lean to roofing increases the curb appeal of your home.   

Which materials can I use for my lean to conservatory roof?

Lean to conservatory can be one of the most charming additions to your residential dwelling. A lean to conservatory is simple to build. It hardly takes much space. Its presence makes the exterior of your house look mesmerising. To build one according to your plan, you will have to invest in the following materials:

Glass roof - You may opt for glass roof if you wish to use the space for the dual purpose of growing exotic plants and entertaining your guests. This is one of the most popular roofing materials for the orangeries.

To build the walls, windows and doors make use of glass panels meant for the conservatories. Invest in high quality self-cleaning glass panels. They are easy to maintain and more durable. Sometimes, clear acrylic is used as an alternative to traditional glass. 

Framing materials – Hardwood is the traditional choice for framing. It is extremely durable and charming. Each of the wood types has its unique tone and texture. However, hardwood like red cedar, birch, spruce or oak is very expensive. You may use more affordable options like engineered wood or plywood.

You may also opt for aluminium framework. The material is lightweight, easy to maintain, cost effective and durable. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is another option for you to explore. It is cheaper than aluminium, but does not have the durability of the metal or wood.

For the flooring you may use travertine, granite, marble or sandstone tiles. Travertine flooring will give a rustic feel to the interiors. For this reason you may also use natural gravel flooring.  Terracotta or ceramic tiles are frequently used for designing the conservatory flooring. They are available in a massive variety of colours and designs. Besides, they are easy to clean than some other flooring materials like river bed pebbles, gravel or even marble.

Wood flooring would also be a great option for this space. Choose from wood types like walnut, mahogany, oak or cedar and give your conservatory an elegant feel. Cork and bamboo flooring are gaining in popularity by the day. They are more affordable than hardwood flooring, but boast of unique charm. Heavy or spiked articles of furniture may damage your cork flooring though.

While beautifying the interiors, focus on your purpose of building this conservatory. If you wish to use it as a secondary living or entertainment room, then invest in a set of stylish sofa and upholstered chairs. Buy a matching coffee table. But don’t clutter the space with too many objects. Use chic lighting fixtures to decorate the conservatory roof. Place potted plants close to the windows and in the corners of the room.   

How to build my own lean to roof?

If this is the first time you are attempting to build a lean to roofing system then seek guidance from an experienced roofer. You may discuss the requirements of your project with an architect on homify’s online portal. You will benefit from the design related suggestions of a skilled architect. This way you are sure to accomplish the task within your budget. 

- Invest in a DIY tool kit specially made for roofing projects. 

- Sketch your plan on paper.

- If you are installing the roofing on an existing structure then measure the area and use tapes to mark the outline.

- Install wooden or aluminium posts on the corners.

- Use clamps to fix the beams with the posts. You at use prefabricated trusses at this stage.

- Fix the rafter and the cross beams with the existing posts. 

- Cover the trusses with felt or wooden shingles. If you are installing metal sheets, acrylic or glass roof, you may skip this step and directly install it on the trusses.

- Give a coat of protective varnish to the framework and allow it to dry completely.

- Decorate the interiors according to your tastes and start using the space.