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    Need help with your home project?
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    Need help with your home project?
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    Need help with your home project?
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    Need help with your home project?

What makes the perfect living room?

The ideal living room will always represent a blend of design expertise and your own personal tastes. Everyone’s perfect room will differ depending upon their favourite materials, styles and colours. However, all successful living room designs will respect the space that they have to work with. They aren’t cluttered, and generally try to create a relaxed, calming atmosphere. After all, the living room is where people spend most of their time at home. It’s a place to wind down and enjoy your leisure time, and it helps to bear that in mind when designing the perfect layout.

Where can I find living room ideas & inspiration?

Anyone who is intending to design their ideal living room can find a plethora of ideas at the homify website. Our site includes sample designs from some of the world’s leading indoor stylists – allowing customers to find a style that suits their dreams and passions. Simply click through the selection on offer and when you find something suitable, it can be saved for later viewing with homify’s handy Ideabook function. With this feature, you can even make notes as you go along, building up a vision of how the final room might look.

What exactly can I do to my living room?

There are several key elements in any living room design. For one thing, you can choose the colour of the walls and the kind of flooring to use. Do you want a sumptuous carpet or something more minimalist? Then there are the all-important furnishings. These can be brash, boldly coloured and eye catching, but they can also be cool and restrained. It all depends upon the individual personality of the designer, so let your creativity run wild. However, try to design with reference to how the room will be used. It may be that the living room will change, becoming a dining area or storage space. If alterations are on the cards, it might be best to choose a minimalist design that can be easily changed.

What wall colour should I choose for my living room?

This is completely up to the tastes of the individual. However, professional designers advise that the size of the room is important. Pastel colours can make small spaces seem larger and more relaxing, where bolder colours can feel restrictive. If a large space is being styled, then it might be better to experiment with brighter, stronger tones. Lighting also makes a difference. In rooms that receive less sunlight, lighter colours can make the most of the natural light, making them a more pleasant place to be.

What type of flooring should I put in my living room?

Again, this is partly a matter of personal taste. Think about the kind of room that is being designed. Does it have to be cosy and welcoming, or is the living room intended to be impressive and stylish? Carpets are a great option if the weather is cold, and are much kinder on the feet in cooler climates. Many people also opt for wooden floorboards, which have an organic, warm appearance and tend to go well with modernist furniture. However, wooden boards can be tough to maintain and easily damaged, so they may need regular polishing to stay in peak condition.

What living room design is right for me?

Simply put, the right living room design is one that you adore and want to spend time in. For families, it will provide enough seating space and room to move around safely. For others, the aesthetics of the room might be more important, although you can certainly have both. There are plenty of styles available on homify, whether you want a Scandinavian-style room, a rural retreat, something with industrial-chic, or a stately colonial style space.

Are there any specific tips for decorating my living room?

Less is sometimes more, and good living room designs tend to avoid needless additions or furnishings that limit the space available to residents. However, balance is crucial. Avoid large empty spaces if you can. Take some time to choose the right furniture as well. Tables and chairs will be tough to remove if they aren’t exactly right, and they are a major investment. It’s generally a good idea to choose pieces that can fit into a number of different designs, but for some people comfort will always be king.

How do I use accessories in my living room?

Living room accessories can make or break a successful design, so pay close attention to items like artworks, decorative objects, lamps, cushions or throws. Well chosen accessories can add charm and homeliness to any living room, but it’s easy to go over the top and lose the balance of the space as well. However, most living room accessories are made to be experimented with, and can easily be switched as fashions change. You might also consider decoration ideas like plants and flowers, which are a superb way to add beauty and poise to a well designed room.

What happens if I have a small living room?

Small living rooms can be a challenge, but there are some great small living room ideas available. Try to get the colours right, using lighter tones, and make sure that the space is properly lit. Seating can be placed below windows or around the edge of the room to maximize space, while accessories should generally be kept to a minimum to avoid a cramped result. Don’t let the small size of your room put you off, though. Even the tiniest spaces can be made to seem larger with clever living room design ideas.

Is there a style guide for designing & decorating a living room?

How to: Rustic style living rooms

Rustic style living rooms tend to rely on a few materials to create simple, beautifully timeless designs. Brickwork is popular, along with wooden floorboards and exposed wooden beams. These basic elements can sit well with larger wooden tables and antique cabinets, but bright colours tend to be avoided.

How to: Modern living rooms

The modern living room is similar to the minimalist style, in that it relies on contemporary furniture and clear, stark lines to generate an impressive result. Modern spaces tend to hold back on ornate decorations, although they can be fantastic spaces to show off artworks (but don’t go over the top). They also tend to be adaptable in the long-term, and never seem to go out of fashion

How to: Industrial style living rooms

Nowadays, plenty of people live in apartments or warehouse properties where industrial elements might be part of the structure of the building. These can be used to create wonderful, creative designs with polished metalwork and elegant furnishings. The silver of metal can be combined with rugs and throws to create stylish industrial style living rooms with a dazzling twist.

How to: Scandinavian style living rooms

Scandinavian style living rooms lean towards modern spaces, with their reliance on minimalist elegance, white walls and limited decoration. However, furnishings are all important – with heavy use of Scandinavian furniture. Bookcases and generously proportioned coffee tables are trademarks of this popular style, although bright colours are generally avoided.

How to: Mediterranean style living rooms

In Mediterranean style living rooms, light becomes a crucial aspect. After all, they are intended to harness the pure, bright sunshine of the Mediterranean itself. Ideally suited to properties in warm climates with balconies and large windows, the style often incorporates colourful tiling and interior brickwork.

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