Living room Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I design my living room in Singapore?

A well decorated living room reveals volumes about your tastes and housekeeping habits. This is the space where you spend maximum amount of time entertaining your guests. Perhaps you enjoy a tv show or two sitting in this room. Some of you may also need to catch up with your pending work from the office sitting in your living room. For all these reasons and more you must take time out to decorate a comfortable living room.

Try to give your room a bright and breezy feel. Install large windows to help the space receive ample amount of natural light. A properly illuminated space looks more comfortable and stylish than a gloomy room. Large windows will also help you to properly ventilate the space during the long summer months in Singapore. Buy furniture that looks elegant and feels in tune with the overall décor. Try not to clutter the space with too many items.

A comfortable sofa, couple of cosy armchairs, coffee table, floating tv cabinet and shelving systems are some of the basic pieces of furniture required in this space. If you have a medium to large room, then you may consider adding a few more articles like corner tables, stools or ottomans and console tables. Place them in the empty corners of the living room or next to the sofa. Decorate the top of the tables with vase full of fresh flowers, potted plants, small decorative items and table lamps.

Buy matching curtains and blinds to cover the windows and protect the privacy of the interiors. Spread a small area rug in the centre of the room or under the coffee table. A classical rug with medallion design must not be covered with furniture. It will only block the visibility of the rug. But you may choose glass top tables in such cases. Optimise the storage space and build a clutter free room full of charm. Expect to pay between SGD 150 and SGD 200 per square foot for building and then decorating a living room from scratch.

Where can I find ideas for designing my living room?

You may check homify’s online portal for a massive range of living room images. These images will give you valuable cues of decorating your living room in style. Don’t forget to seek décor inspirations from some other sources like classical paintings and photographs. If you are decorating a home in traditional style then they will be your potent sources of inspirations. Your interior designer will also come up with lots of ideas suitable for the space you are about to decorate. You may also seek suggestions from your close friends who seem to have an eye for good design.

What colour scheme should I follow in my living room?

You have the option of choosing from a number of colours. Choose those colours that feel comfortable to you and your family members. A combination of white, grey and blue are often used in the contemporary homes. White accentuated with bright shades like red, orange or yellow also looks welcoming in a space like this. Many homeowners favour pastel shades as they tend to give the room a very clean and elegant feel. You need not shun dark colours in this space, especially if your living room receives ample natural light. But choose colours that do not feel oppressive in any way. Vary the textures and motifs to add another dimension to the décor of the room.

What type of flooring should I opt for in my living room?

Natural wood flooring looks warm and is very durable. You may choose from wood types like teak, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, maple, oak and pine for designing the flooring. These are perennial favourites and are hailed for their beauty. Stone is frequently utilised for building the floor of the Singapore residences. Marble and granite are two of the most durable and popular stones. You may also opt for sandstone, limestone or travertine flooring. When maintained properly, both wood and stone can last for generations.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are cost effective, easy to clean and are available in a variety of elegant shades and designs. You may design the flooring of your living room with ceramic or porcelain tiles. Bamboo flooring is very affordable and easily available in the local market. Cork flooring is favoured for its soft and supple nature. Both these floor types are easy to maintain. You may choose cork flooring to give your interiors unique makeover.

What are some of the most popular living room design ideas?

Living rooms can be decorated in a variety of styles. Choose a design that suits the space you are thinking of decorating. Consider your habits and lifestyle, before you plan to remodel the space. When in doubt discuss your options with a reputed interior architect.

Modern living room – Modern living room has a subtle yet graceful charm. It looks welcoming and feels comfortable. You may decorate a living room in modern style in a tiny apartment as well as in a large coastal villa. The type of furniture needed to decorate a modern living room is easily available in the local market.

Scandinavian living room – This is another popular choice among the contemporary homeowners of Singapore. Scandinavian design helps you to plan a stylish and uncluttered living room. The décor itself is understated, but it never fails to impress the inhabitants of the house or those who come to visit the place.