Mediterranean style living room

  1. Before renovation of house:  Living room by FINE ART LIVING PTE LTD
  2. Living:  Living room by FINE ART LIVING PTE LTD
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    Need help with your home project?
  4. Living lounge:  Living room by FINE ART LIVING PTE LTD
  5. Mediterranean Living:  Living room by FINE ART LIVING PTE LTD
  6.  Living room by De Vivo Home Design
  7.  Living room by PORTO Arquitectura + Diseño de Interiores
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9.  Living room by KOSOUR INTERIORS
  10.  Living room by JFD - Juri Favilli Design
  11.  Living room by ROSA PURA HOME STORE
  12.  Living room by Stefano Dorata
  13.  Living room by Studio Frasson
  14.  Living room by BURO'82
  15.  Living room by BURO'82
  16.  Living room by Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo
  17.  Living room by Spazio Interior Decoration LLC
  18.  Living room by KOSOUR INTERIORS
  19.  Living room by Helô Marques Associados
  20.  Living room by Alma Braguesa Furniture
  21.  Living room by Nice home barcelona
  22.  Living room by 存果空間設計有限公司
  23.  Living room by AIS Designs
  24.  Living room by SPACES Architects Planners Engineers
  25.  Living room by Rimini Baustoffe GmbH
  26.  Living room by Ossigeno Architettura
  27.  Living room by Claire Concepto
  28.  Living room by 文儀室內裝修設計有限公司
  29.  Living room by arriba architects
  30.  Living room by arriba architects
  31.  Living room by TABARQ
  32.  Living room by 文儀室內裝修設計有限公司
  33.  Living room by all Design  [Arquitectura e Design de Interiores]

How can I use the Mediterranean style in my living room design?

Mediterranean style is known for making a room look natural, fresh, and vibrant. The only thing that you need to get inspired is a bunch of terrific ideas. Here on Homify, you will find numerous images that will show you modern looking Mediterranean style living rooms. You're social place always needs to be warm, relaxing, and welcoming which is why the Mediterranean theme is a perfect choice. To create a harmonious-looking living room all you need to do is mix different elements in an ideal way. This trick can work on any residential building whether it is a comfortable duplex apartment or a weekend home on the outskirts of Singapore.

What kind of furniture should I include in a Mediterranean living room?

The primary aim of designing a Mediterranean style living room is to make it look sunny and joyful. For this reason, incorporating elements which represent this feature is considered to be good. Overall, a Mediterranean style space should feel like a relaxing vacation spot rather than a dull and boring place. In simple words, every piece of furniture that you add to your living room should contribute to the ambiance. For instance, you can incorporate a vintage or retro trunk instead of a standard wooden coffee table. Such elements serve two purposes. One they can be used as a storage unit and other it resembles an old treasure chest.

Keeping it natural is the theme when it comes to Mediterranean style furniture which is why wood is the preferred choice. However other materials like wicker and rattan are also a good choice. These furniture pieces made out of natural materials too look similar to the ones found in rustic and country-style apartments. In case you want to create a grand interior then wrought iron can also be used for building furniture. Even when it comes to furnishing or textile, you should opt for natural tones. Accessories like cushions can be used for providing a subtle contrast to an otherwise earthy tone sofa. Turquoise, blue, and olive green are the ideal colors for such decorative accessories.

With what should I coat the floors of my Mediterranean living room?

The ideal recommendation to coat your Mediterranean style living room floor would be of wood or tiles. It will allow you to enhance the natural look of the space while also adding to the brightness. Vibrant looking tiles made out of ceramic or stones are perfect for such designs. Apart from this, they are also available in a wide variety of price range. Another option available for coating your living room floor is marble. The material not only adds to the natural aspect of the room but also gives it a regal finish. However, you should always opt for light color marble. Also this flooring material is way more expensive than any other option.

In case you want to experiment a bit more with your floor then try incorporating beautiful mosaic patterns. A part of your living room floor can be beautified with this design without making it look over decorated. On the other hand, if you want to stick to traditional options than light tone wood is the way to go. It will allow you to create a warm and elegant ambiance without costing a fortune. In case you are confused with the endless possibilities you can get in touch with our interior designers and decorators through the Homify website.

What kind of curtains should I install in my Mediterranean living room?

Curtains are considered to be a critical decorative detail for every type of design theme. However, when it comes to Mediterranean style, having a material which does not disturb the natural light flow is a must. Fabrics which are thick or dark in color can prove to be the wrong choice for a Mediterranean style living room. Whereas, curtains made out with sheer are the most suited for such houses with large windows. It allows you to enjoy the fantastic outdoor view while the room sooks in ample amount of Sunlight.

What kind of decorative and structural details can make a difference in Mediterranean style living rooms?

Like every other design style, the Mediterranean layout also focuses on creating a warm and comfortable environment. One can incorporate elements like rustic wooden beams in the room to keep up with the Mediterranean theme. Besides building, white color brick walls can also be an excellent way to make the space look chic. Another trend which is emerging rapidly is opting for built-in furniture rather than regular ones. For example benches or sofas can be created using materials like cement and can be incorporated into the primary structure. You can either place them next to the walls or even allow them to just out from the floor. 

The color of the room plays a critical role in establishing the mood of the space. That is why we recommend you to use bright and vibrant colors while decorating your Mediterranean style living room. Also, make sure that all the textures add a rustic feel to the area without making it look dull. Certain elements which can allow you to achieve the correct balance are Persian carpets and colorful hand-woven rugs.