What does a modern living room look like?

The modern living room should be the center of the house, a place for the whole family to relax in. Modern living rooms have enough space for everyone, are sleek, are stylish, and often have a focal point – whether it’s a television, a window, a wall or a fireplace. Carpets are usually not used, with wooden or stone floors being put in place instead. The best modern living rooms are also uncluttered, with day-to-day objects placed inside well-hidden cupboards or drawers. homify offers all these modern living room ideas, and more!

Modern living room ideas & inspiration

There are lots of great options when it comes to modern home decor. Some people prefer a very futuristic look, putting their televisions and gadgets center stage. Others like the Oriental style, inspired by Feng Shui, which is designed to minimize clutter whilst still utilizing rich tones and luxury ornaments. Still others like to mix and match modern living room styles for a very unique look! Statement pieces can be used to add colour, contrast and interest to a room, or they can be avoided altogether to let the room speak for itself. Ecologically friendly modern living and sustainability is also a feature in many modern living rooms – solar powered devices and upcycled furniture are often used to reduce a home’s carbon footprint. 

Modern living room design made easy

Minimalist style: This style is all about space – space to move, space to place objects, space as a feature in itself. 

Industrial style: A bare, stripped-down design that utilizes materials like brick, metal and plastic. Contrast is the key here – a stark brick wall behind a comfortable sofa and rug, for example.

Asian style: A style based around Feug Shui and the placement of objects. It’s intended to create a relaxing, ordered space. Especially adventurous designers may even add water features into their modern living room designs.

Modern style: Straight edges and dramatic, functional statement pieces combine to create spacious and striking modern living rooms. Neon lighting is sometimes used to highlight certain areas.

Which colours suit a modern living room?

White is one of the preferred colours for modern living room decor, but in truth any colour can be used to suit a modern living room as long as it’s done right. If you want more exciting colours, you need more muted ones to balance it out. A soft red and a bright white works well, for example. Monochrome colours combined with metallics are very popular if you’re going for an industrial look, whilst soft greys can make a modern living room look highly sophisticated.

How do I decorate my modern living room?

Modern living rooms tend not to go over the top with decoration. But the ones that do prominently feature art or ornaments select ones with sharp geometric lines, or bright colours that offset the rest of the room. More unusual things like sculptures are sometimes also included to provide a ’talking point’ for the room. And beware of making the room look too clinical and ’un-lived in’ – small personal things arranged on shelves or a favourite blanket placed on a chair can make your modern living room one a unique and cosy one. The secret to decorating living rooms is to make it your own space first – think about what guests will make of your framed art, ornament collection, or choice of colours only later.

What needs to be considered when decorating the living room walls?

Modern living rooms usually don’t feature intricate patterns on the walls, or floral wallpaper design – it’s too old-fashioned. Many people have one wall stripped bare or painted a bright colour to provide a dramatic statement. This wall is then used as the central feature of the room – photos or artwork can be hung on it and they’ll be the first thing a guest to the room notices. Don’t clutter the walls, though – it’ll undermine the minimalist aesthetic.

Creating a modern living room – Tips & tricks

If you’re stuck on interior design ideas for living rooms, homify has some great tips and tricks to help:

1) Plan things out first! Look at homify and other websites for modern living room design ideas. 

2) Consider what kind of lighting you want. Soft lighting can make a modern living room look warm, whilst bright lights can make it look striking. Many modern living rooms use unobtrusive light fittings, but others like to make the main light feature – a chandelier, for example – the focal point of the whole room. Whatever you go for, it should compliment the furniture and style you choose for the rest of the room.

3) When in doubt, use glass. It’s stylish but it’s also unobtrusive. Glass coffee tables, for example, are perfectly functional and they blend seamlessly into a modern living room.

4) Decide on a colour scheme before you start buying furniture. You don’t want to end up with a lot of mismatched things! Remember that if you’re really unsure, it’s hard to go wrong with black or white furniture. 

5) Make sure your windows let in as much light as possible – don’t position anything in front of them. Light is hugely important to the modern living room!

6) Don’t forget that functional things need to be actually functional – don’t place your television set out of reach of the power outlets, for example!

7) Don’t be afraid to experiment. The key to a great modern living room is bending the rules a little. If you have a piece that you can’t bear to stash away, arrange the rest of the room around it!

Modern living room design for everyone

Some people may feel like a good modern living room is just beyond their reach – their room is too small or they don’t have a high enough budget. But, it can still be done. A small space can be made to look much larger with careful use of lighting and furniture placement. Check out as many modern living room designs as you can, choose your favourite bits, and work out what fits best into your space! Use hidden cupboards and space-saving storage to keep essentials stored out of eyesight, and buy fold-up chairs and tables that can be put away when not in use. Painting a room in a neutral colour can also make it seem more airy. And making a modern living room on a budget doesn’t have to be hard – secondhand furniture can look just as good as the latest models.

Is there a style guide for designing & decorating a living room?

How to: Country style living rooms

Country style living rooms tend to have wooden beamed ceilings, unusual angles and plenty of brickwork to work with. Elegantly upholstered stools and chairs can be combined with carpets and the right tones of curtains to create airy, light and welcoming rooms with genuine character.

How to: Minimalist living rooms

Minimalist living rooms are never cluttered. They often employ stark contrasts between light and dark – with whitewashed walls and darker furniture, and black leather is a popular choice, as are wooden or glass-topped tables with sleek, angular designs.

How to: Classic style living rooms

Classic style living rooms tend to seek a harmonious blend of the old and the new, the bright and the soft. They often include whimsical accessories to add character, such as attractive lampshades or curtains, and try to balance the need for plenty of seating space with space to move around the room.

How to: Eclectic style living rooms

Eclectic style living rooms bring together a range of styles, and can be a minefield for less skilled designers. However, when done properly, they can be unique living room designs. In eclectic designs, colours can sometimes collide instead of blending seamlessly; the modern and the classic can sit next to each other, and accessories can be combined in imaginative ways.