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Modern Roof

  1. Modern Glamour at Gerald Drive:  Roof by Singapore Carpentry Interior Design Pte Ltd
  2. :  Roof by Bintang Utama Canopy
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  4. :  Gable roof by Bintang Utama Canopy
  5.  Gable roof by AMUNT Architekten in Stuttgart und Aachen
  6.  Roof by ZHAC / Zweering Helmus Architektur+Consulting
  7.  Roof by Ashwin Architects In Bangalore
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  9.  Lean-to roof by SOLISYSTEME
  10.  Lean-to roof by Grosso Tende Srl
  11.  Gable roof by Black Oak Company group|( Ooty. )( Timberman )( Growing )
  13.  Flat roof by Giardini Giordani
  14.  Lean-to roof by SOLISYSTEME
  15.  Lean-to roof by SOLISYSTEME
  16.  Lean-to roof by SOLISYSTEME
  17.  Roof by GRUPO CONSARQ
  18.  Roof by GRUPO CONSARQ
  19.  Flat roof by Nuansa Studio Architect
  20.  Flat roof by FIORELLINO paysagiste
  21.  Roof by Diego Alejandro Acevedo
  22.  Hipped roof by ANTE MİMARLIK
  23.  Flat roof by Giardini Giordani
  24.  Gable roof by Rusticasa
  25.  Gable roof by House Renovation London Ltd
  26.  Hipped roof by ESMETEVA
  27.  Roof by Belas Artes Estruturas Avançadas
  28.  Lean-to roof by Arquitectura y Complementos
  29.  Roof by 紫硯空間設計
  30.  Roof by daun architect
  31.  Roof by ARAT Design
  32.  Roof by B Squared Design Limited
  33.  Roof terrace by AR Architecture