Spa design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Where can I design a spa in my house?

You may design a home spa in virtually any empty room of your home. But it is best to design a spa in an area where you can be assured of privacy. A relaxing atmosphere is necessary in your spa. So rooms that face the garden or provide you a beautiful view of the surrounding should ideally be converted into a spa. If you have space in the attic of your home, then consider converting it into a luxurious spa bathroom. You may set up a spa bathroom in a part of your basement as well, especially if you have an indoor swimming pool in the basement.

A spa can be set up in the swimming pool complex of your home even when it occupies the backyard of home. Many homeowners like to transform the principle en suite bathroom into a stylish spa. You may opt for this arrangement if you have a spacious en suite bathroom. Choose a space that has all the plumbing, drainage and electrical arrangements in place. Or, hire an expert plumber and electrician to arrange these for you.

You will need an area of about 200 square feet or more to build a luxury home spa. Though it is possible to build home spas in less amount of space than that, availability of space would help you design a comfortable and relaxing space. You may consider taking the help of an experienced bathroom planner to convert your existing bathroom into a home spa.

How to design a spa in my home?

Once you are satisfied with the space you have chosen to convert into a spa, take a note of the dimensions of the room. Locate the best places to design the shower room, place a bathtub, install a vanity unit, add storage units and include other features. There should be space enough to move around freely without bumping into any of the accessories. Try to keep the wet zone separate from the dry areas of your bathroom. In other words, design the shower room, bathtubs etc in one part of the bathroom. Installing a glass shower cubicle helps to keep the rest of the room dry.

Install the storage unit in the dry zone of your spa bathroom. Island bath looks better in a chic bathroom, but select an island bath only if you have a generously proportioned bathroom. Avoid designing a cluttered spa bathroom. In a contemporary setting, wall mounted vanity and storage units look stylish. Besides, they help you to keep the floor space free of congestion. Built in storage units are highly favoured for modern bathrooms. They boast of an elegant appearance and help you to resolve your storage related woes.

You may buy an infrared sauna and set it up in an empty space of your spa bathroom. Install graceful lighting fixtures in your bathroom that match the décor. Soothing light is essential to create a relaxing ambience. You may install a stylish pendant lighting fixture on top of the bathtub. Illuminate the rest of the space with suitable ceiling mounted lights. Don’t forget to install wall sconces or bar lighting fixtures by the side of your vanity mirror or above it.

Make proper arrangement for ventilation. It is important to keep the space free of moisture related problems and attacks of mould and mildew. Install electrical vents and exhaust fans. Choose the right models depending on the size of the bathroom. Build large windows in this space and ensure an uninhibited flow of natural light and air in the interiors. Buy blinds or shutters suitable for the bathroom windows to maintain the privacy of the space.

Choose only high quality raw materials and bathroom accessories that are guaranteed to last long. This space is notoriously difficult to renovate. Besides, frequent renovation would drain your money. Remodelling an existing bathroom to a spa style one needs a minimum budget of SGD 15,000 or more. When designing from scratch, set aside at least SGD 40,000 for your home spa.

What flooring should I choose for my home spa?

Porcelain or ceramic tiles function best in a bathroom. Tiles are available in an extensive range of colours and designs. They are affordable and extremely water resistant. Porcelain tiles are tougher than some of the stone tiles made of limestone or soapstone. Invest in skid-proof floor tiles. Don’t install wall tiles on the flooring. Cover the wet areas of the bathroom with a luxurious bathroom mat. Bamboo mats can be used to accentuate the beauty of a home spa.

The enduring charm of stone tiles is difficult to ignore. Due to their cool and soothing tones, marble and sandstone are favoured for a spa bathroom. Stone is extremely durable and is not prone to any kind of moisture related issues. You may also opt for granite bathroom tiles. For a spa bathroom with an oriental appearance, opt for mosaic or glass tiles. Consider buying a matching bathtub made of marble or onyx for the interior of your bathroom.

Which accessories do I need in my spa bathroom?

Invest in a large and beautiful mirror. You may install two separate mirrors in a his and hers bathroom. Mirrors sans frames look best in a modern bathroom. Decorate the space with plants like Tillandsia, peace lily, begonia, Crassula ovate, orchid or fern. They grow well in a space like this. Put fresh flowers in a vase and place it on top of the vanity unit. Decorate the room with aromatic candles. You may place a fragrance diffuser on top of your vanity unit as well. Enjoy a pampering bath in a spa without leaving your home.