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Steam bath design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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What is a steam bath?

Since the days of Roman baths, a combination of steam and water is being used to aid fitter body and mind. Steam rooms can be considered a modern version of the original Roman baths. These rooms are filled with steam, an ingredient which is said to have numerous health benefits. Steam baths were once part of luxury hotels and spas. But thanks to its decreasing costs and more sophisticated mechanisms, affordable steam baths can now be installed in modern homes.

What are the health benefits of a steam bath?

Steam baths have many positive effects on your body.

* A session inside a steam room helps you relieve muscular aches and cramps. 

* You can enjoy all the benefits of a relaxed mind and body. Many regular users claim, steam bath helps you to forget about everyday worries and cares. 

* Steam baths helps you get rid of sinus congestion. 

* You can also get relief from infections of upper respiratory tract. It improves blood circulation. 

* You skin tends to look healthier and younger after a steam bath. 

* It increases your metabolic rate and, consequently, aids in weight loss.

What is the difference between a sauna and steam bath?

If you are pondering over the question of steam room vs sauna for some time, the following information will help you choose the best option. It’s true that a steam room session and sauna bath, both deliver some common health benefits. Both sauna and steam bath can help you regain the vitality of mind and body. You will feel healthier, lighter and generally more tension free after spending some time in a sauna or steam bath.

However, the method they use to provide you with such beneficial results are different. Steam rooms use a combination of water and steam to work wonders on your mind and body. The interior of the steam bath is highly humid. Saunas are different. It works under intense heat and relatively low humidity levels. While temperature inside a steam bath hardly ever goes above 40 degree Celsius, saunas operate under a minimum temperature of 70 degree Celsius.

Compared to the steam rooms, you generally spend short durations, such as a quarter of an hour, in a sauna. Structurally also, saunas and steam rooms differ from each other. Saunas are built of high quality hardwood. Wood species like cedar, aspen, hemlock or spruce is a key to building a quality sauna. But steam rooms are built from glass, ceramic tiles and fibreglass. Nowadays, both saunas and steam baths can be bought as modular structures. Just like a sauna you can build your home steam room inside your spa style bathroom or in suitable a corner of the swimming pool arena.   

Steam bath at home: What do I need?

To build a fashionable steam bath in your home, you will need the following materials:

* A steam generator 

* Floor tiles 

* Glass panels 

* Glass door 

* Concrete 

* Sealants 

* Fibreglass 

* Lighting fixtures 

* Stereo system 

* Shower Steam room bench or stool

For each of these materials, you will find a variety of products. Choose the products that are durable, comfortably within your budget and most suitable for the space you are about to design or rebuild. If you find yourself little lost on the choice of materials or the design of your long cherished steam bath, then don’t delay in contacting a spa expert. You will save a lot of money and worries in the process.

Steam bath construction and installation

Before beginning your work, chalk out a design. You may like to build the steam bath in a place where you already have the necessary arrangements of plumbing and electrical fixtures. Otherwise, you will have to plan these two systems before starting to build the steam bath. Install the generator in a dry place, but not too far away from the proposed steam bath. To have it work properly, you must keep it within a range of 4 metres.

Resolve any structural defects of the space beforehand. Prepare the flooring. Use a mixture of concrete and fibreglass for the purpose. Cover the flooring and walls with porcelain or ceramic tiles. Invest in skid proof tiles only. Install glass panels. Place the stool or bench in a comfortable corner. Seal off the gaps with waterproof membranes and sealants. Don’t forget buying an audio system to create the proper mood in your steam bath.

How to clean and maintain a steam bath?

To maintain a healthy interior environment, you must clean the steam scrupulously at least once a week. Give the entire interior space a thorough scrub. Avoid abrasive scrubbers. Use cleansers specially meant for the purpose. You may also make a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water to clean the interior space. This will especially work well if you have ceramic tiles and glass panels installed on the interior walls.

Drain any residual water from the steam generator. Otherwise, the reservoir may become a happy breeding space of waterborne germs. Remove stains from the walls and flooring. It is common in places where hard water is used in abundance. Carefully check for any trapped moisture in any part of the surface. They may weaken the structure with time and promote the growth of mould and mildew. Similarly, immediately resolve any cracks and holes in the water pipes. They will cause leakage and leave ugly mark on the walls.