Study/Office Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Where can I build a home office in my house in Singapore?

Are you in the habit of frequently working from home? Then it would be better for you to design a well-equipped office space cum study in your dwelling in Singapore. This would help you to manage all your work efficiently and on time, arrange video conferencing from your home without being disturbed in any way and store away important official documents without the fear of losing them. Though in reality you can convert any empty space in your house or apartment into a small home office for your personal use, it is always advisable to choose a corner which is peaceful, airy and filled with natural light.

An airy and bright room feels more cheerful and is more hygienic. It has a positive effect on your mind and is crucial for maintaining a healthy interior atmosphere. A peaceful space is essential to work in a calm and efficient manner. Frequent disturbances and continuous noise don’t help you to concentrate in your work. You may set up your home office in the attic, in a basement or in a spare room. You may also build a home office alongside your garden shed or on top of your garage. This is an excellent way of using the additional space on the premises of your building.

How to decorate a home office?

Try to keep the décor of your home office elegant but simple. Don’t clutter it with too many items of furniture so that it prevents you to move around freely inside the room. A congested space is also difficult to clean and organise. Choose furniture depending on the availability of the space. Install glass windows or skylights if the space looks gloomy. Set the table next to the windows, but don’t let yourself be affected by the harsh sunlight of the summertime. Buy proper window treatments. It helps you to maintain the privacy of the interiors and regulate the amount of natural lighting.

Spread a plush area rug on the middle of the room. It will not only make the space more comfortable, but will also help you with the acoustics of your room. If your home office is adjacent to a living room or dining parlour, then install heavily padded wall panels in the room. These wall panels act as effective sound absorbers and help you to maintain the peaceful nature of the interiors. Choose right kind of lighting fixtures to keep the space bright and cheerful in the evening.

You will need a combination of lighting fixtures to illuminate the space. A table lamp is one of the most important features of this room. A stylish table lamp also helps you to embellish the space. You may buy simple pendant lighting to accentuate the beauty of the room. Alternatively, you may install ceiling mounted focus lighting fixtures to regulate the brightness of the office space. Under cabinet lighting is becoming very popular in Singapore. Consider installing under cabinet LED lighting fixtures inside the bookshelves, storage units and desk.

Don’t forget to decorate the space with a few potted plants. Indoor plants like peace lily, snake plant, various palm species, hibiscus, jade plant, aloe vera, croton, dragon tree, bamboo, rubber and bromeliad grow well in a office space. Many of these plants are also capable of absorbing harmful dust particles and Volatile Organic Compounds from the atmosphere which make them doubly welcome in the interior of your home. Buy graceful ceramic, cast iron, wood or bamboo planters for your indoor plants.

What furniture do I need in my home office?

A suitable study table and comfortable office chair are two of most important pieces of furniture in a home office. Choose table and chairs having the right dimensions. To avoid any kind of mistake, measure the space available to set the table and the chairs in the room and only then order these items. You may take help of an interior designer to design this space according to your needs and tastes. The designer will procure suitable pieces of furniture for you.

In a small room, opt for a composite study unit or install wall mounted tables to save space. When space constraint is not a major factor, you may buy high quality wooden table with leather top and drawers on both sides of the tables. Choose the design according to the style of décor. A contemporary home office needs very different of furniture than a classical home office. You may buy lightweight aluminium and moulded plastic furniture in a modern office space.

Make room for sufficient storage units. Install fashionable shelving systems on the walls. Buy built in cabinets and bookshelves to store away your precious collection of books, study materials and official files. Storage cabinets with glass doors look chic. Besides, the glass doors keep the interiors of the cabinet free of dust. You may also go for simple storage units without any door. Just ensure to maintain the tidiness of the cabinet and protect your valuable books and documents from the attacks of dust and grime.

You may need extra seating arrangement in this space to entertain your colleagues or clients. Place a small sofa along with a stylish coffee table in one corner of the room. You may choose to place a couple of comfortable armchairs in this space as well. Make sure the upholstery matches the colour scheme of the room. You may buy same fabric to design the upholstery as well as the curtains for the windows. This will have a stylish effect on the ambience.