Country style living ideas & inspiration

Designing your home in a country style is a brilliant way of making it a warm and welcoming place to live. homify has a fantastic range of country style home decor ideas for you to browse. Whether you want to turn your whole house into a rustic retreat, or whether you just want to turn a single room (such as the lounge) into a friendly and laid back country space, homify has all that you need to inspire you.

Country style living

The modern country style is about more than just decor. It is also a way of life. Country style living enables you to embrace a more wholesome lifestyle. Complement the rustic design in a kitchen with rustic recipes, for instance, or adorn your country style hall with flowers you have found on your walks. But, of course, when it comes to country style living, it is important to have the right country style home decor. Browsing homify's design ideas and product ranges will enable you to perfect that country look. 

Where do I find country style decor ideas?

At homify of course. homify can help you with all aspects of country style decor, whether you want to completely redecorate your whole house or apartment, or whether you want to just add a few rustic accessories such as throws or lamps to your living space to give it that laid back rural feel. From colour schemes to furniture, and from room planning and layout to the smallest accessory (country style table runners anyone? homify can help), the team at homify are experts in all things related to modern home decor in the country style.

How can I decorate my home in the country style?

Firstly, think about the key elements of the country style home. Exposed wood, warm tones, cosy throws, spaces for communal meals and well tended fireplaces. Then, come on over to homify and check out the variety of home decor ideas on offer here. You can search for items by colour, for instance. Earthy and fiery hues, for example, are perfect for creating a country style living space, and homify has plenty of items of furniture, wallpaper, carpets, and accessories to help you with your country design ideas.

Create a cosy atmosphere with country style decor

If there was one word to describe country style living rooms and other rustic spaces in the home, it has to be 'cosy'. Warm red and orange tones, earthy hues like deep brown, and the use of wooden decor all contribute to a gorgeous country look. Soft knitted throws are great for making a room cosy in the country style. Another good idea is to choose lamps with warm coloured shades so that the light that they cast around the room is super cosy and welcoming. You will find all of this and more in the country style home design ranges at homify.

How can I decorate a large room in the country style?

A common query that people have is about whether a large room can also be cosy in the country style. Well, of course it can. One thing that you can do, for instance, is to use the corners of a small room to create cosy nooks for reading or relaxing in, strategically placing squashy, comfy armchairs (or a truly rustic rocking chair) in corners surrounded by lots of warm light. Or, unify the whole room with cosy coloured carpets and wallpaper. A large central wooden table for communal eating is also perfect for achieving that hearty, rustic, welcoming feel. Top it off with a candlestick and some glowing wax candles to enhance the look. These are just a few ideas for making a large room rustic and delightful to spend time in, you will find plenty more at homify.

Country style wall design

Tapestries, floral patterns, glowing tones, and pictures depicting rustic scenes are all key features of the traditional country style wall. Another thing that looks very rustic and appealing in a country style living space is to have clean, bare, white walls with dark wooden beams. Let the expert team at homify help you to realise your creative vision for country style walls, with homify's fantastic collection of wallpapers, wall hangings, paint ideas and more.

Which colours suit a country style house?

As mentioned above, homify recommends warm and glowing colours for a welcoming rustic feel or alternatively bare and fresh colours with plenty of dark wood. Hues of earth and magma, fire and snow, will all help you to get close to nature. If you prefer your shades a little brighter and lighter, why not choose fresh green hues to evoke the sweeping meadows and flourishing trees of the countryside? One good tip is to use these evocative colours in different hues throughout the room, using them not only in the carpets and on the walls but also in the case of smaller accessories such as lampshades, table runners, throws on chairs, cushions and so on. 

What needs to be considered when decorating in the country style?

One important thing to consider when decorating your living space in the country style is how you want to use the space. Do you want it to be for relaxing, for entertaining, for retreating from the world, or for throwing the doors open to all and sundry? Perhaps you are looking for a mixture of all of these? homify will be able to inspire you about how to turn your house or apartment into a wonderful rustic space. Another thing to consider is the size of the home. If you want the living space to feel cosy and enclosed, this is especially easy if the rooms that you are working with are relatively small. However, it is also easy, using homify's design ideas as inspiration, to achieve a cosy look with a larger space as long as you pay attention to the overall layout of the room. And of course, another thing to consider is whether you would like the entire home to be decorated in the country style or whether you just want a single rustic room, such as acountry style living room. Even if the whole house is not decorated in the country style, you can keep it feeling unified by echoing the colours used in the rest of the house in your single country style room.

Which style for my home?

Classic homes

The best classic style homes are traditional without being stuffy. But, homify can help you to stay true to rustic decor traditions whilst also being fresh and innovative. A classic look is ideal for a country style home as it enables you to draw on heritage patterns and decor styles. Think sweeping curtains, a sense of spaciousness, and family heirlooms proudly displayed in cabinets. homify can help you to source furniture and other products to achieve that classic country style look. Whether you have a house or an apartment, and whether you live in the heart of the country or the heart of the metropolis, adopting this classic look for your living space will help you to enjoy a rural retreat. Complement the look of classic country style decor by sourcing art works depicting pastoral scenes. China shepherdesses, oil paintings of landscapes, and similar works of art, will help to bring the great outdoors indoors.

Eclectic style homes

An eclectic style home can easily be decorated in the country style. In fact, one of the things most often associated with country style homes is the large, welcoming extended family where everyone brings a little of their own personality to the look of the house. If you live with others, asking them each to give you their interpretation of the country style home, using homify as a guide, is a great way to celebrate the eclectic look whilst keeping everything harmoniously unified by the general idea of rusticity. Eclectic style homes are also great for solo living, of course. Source cabinets, furniture, and tables from homify and then fill them with cute heirlooms that you find in junk shops, or that have been passed down through the family. One of the most authentic country style homes is the rambling cottage filled with fun, warmth, humour, energy, and eclectic decor and decorations. And, it does not matter where you live, homify can help you to achieve this look.

Minimalist homes

Many people do not seem to realise just how well the country style home can fit in with a minimalist aesthetic. As mentioned above, one fantastic way to create a rural feel is to use freshly painted white walls alongside dark wooden beams or wood furniture. Sometimes, a single touch can turn a modern minimalist home into an authentic country style retreat. A red throw or a polished wooden dining table, an elegant candlestick or a heritage oak cabinet where you can display your crockery, are all perfect for blending minimalism and rusticity. If you do not have enough space for a large fireplace, for example, why not opt for a smaller wood burning stove, or a small grate filled with candles to make a simple gesture towards the cosy countryside home. In short, let it never be said that country style homes need to be an eclectic jumble of fabrics, objects, and colours. A minimalist country style living space is as elegant as it is relaxing. So, if you enjoy your living space most when it is uncluttered, opting for homify's minimalist country style design ideas will be a great idea.