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uPVC-windows: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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What is a PVC window?

A PVC window, popularly known as plastic window, is manufactured from a complex chemical based on polyvinyl chloride. They are becoming almost omnipresent in the modern residences of Singapore, especially the multi-family dwellings. Upvc windows, made from a variation of PVC, have several advantages over the traditional metal or wood framed windows. Upvc windows tend to provide the interiors of your home better ventilation than conventional metal framed windows. Consequently, they are almost an automatic choice for the passive houses. They are very cost effective. Natural wood framed windows are nearly 20% costlier than contemporary Upvc window installations.

Unlike steel and low quality hardwood, PVC is not prone to rusting or rotting. So they last for a considerable period of time. Many manufacturers claim that this type of window installation lasts for nearly half a century. It is available in a range of colours which is very effective for contemporary homes. This type of windows need minimum amount of care. Like traditional wood frames, they don’t need varnishing every five years’ or so. You may easily clean them using a soft cloth and a solution of household detergent or dishwasher soap.

As a compound, PVC is considered to be an environment friendly and sustainable material. You may buy PVC frames and panels for a variety of window styles like casement windows, sliding windows and so on. The flexibility of design helps architects to decorate an elegant and comfortable space for you. Their presence is capable of increasing the curb appeal of your home. To choose the right window design for your home, take suggestions from an experienced architect. Since windows are a crucial architectural feature, choosing the right style is important for the beauty of the home and the comfort of the interiors. Doing so will help you avoid some of the common mistakes related to window design and installation and subsequent wastage of money.

Pros and cons of a PVC window

A PVC window is built to last long. Though it may not outlast the durability of natural wooden windows, it may still last for several decades. It is considerably more affordable than some other types of window materials like natural wood, steel and aluminium. A casement Upvc window is priced between SGD 300 and SGD 1200. The actual cost depends on the size of the window and type of design. For example, fixed casements cost half the prices of double opener casements.

PVC is easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to glaze or varnish it periodically to maintain its health and beauty. However, you need to take care of the seals which must be coated with sealing agents like silicon oil or talcum powder once or twice a year. A PVC window is known to provide the perfect insulation for the interiors. It is available in a variety of colours giving you a greater amount of flexibility while decorating the home. 

Since PVC is a recyclable material, it does not have any detrimental effect on our environment. Contemporary high quality Upvc windows are also lead free. Though PVC is resistant to heat and fire, it is not at all fireproof. When exposed to fire it may emit toxic gases. This type of window design is not suitable for classical or country homes. It looks better in a modern house. It is difficult to replace a partly damaged uPVC window. You may need to completely change it. It lacks the warmth and natural beauty of solid wood. Like wood or metal framed windows, PVC window installations don’t increase the value of your home.

How to install a PVC window?

Before you begin the process of installation, check the right dimension of the window openings. Order your products from a local merchant of Singapore or online. Once delivered, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the various parts of a window. You will need a few items like hammer, drill, measuring tape, pencil, screws, heavy duty gloves and goggles for this task. This type of window does not have the capabilities of bearing load. So you may need to build lintel above the window opening. Seek assistance of an expert home builder to introduce this feature above the windows. 

Place the frames in their position and use screws to fix them in their places. For double glazing windows, you will need to install the glazing bridges inside the frame. Double glazing helps you prevent any loss of heat and provide better insulation to the interiors of your home. Seal the gaps between the frames and the surrounding walls. Fit the glass panels in their position. Handle the sashes gently. Before installation clip them in their position to avoid any kind of movement and consequent damages to the sashes. Clean the space for removing any debris and dust particles. You may vacuum clean the area once the task is completed.

How to choose the right manufacturers for uPVC window installations?

Before ordering the windows, check the feedback about the products. Find out the level of warranty provided by the window manufacturer or supplier. See if the cost of installation and service charges are included into the overall price. Take quotes from more than one window supplier. Clarify all your queries regarding the product. Don’t buy the cheapest available product automatically. Instead, give priority to the product quality.