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Villas: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
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  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
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  33.  Villas by Fabio Pereira & João Fraga, Arquitetos

Villas were originally built in the countryside. An Italian villa, a country known to have given birth to this architectural type, is meant to be set in a rural idyll. With the passage of time though, you have come to see this type of houses in the nooks and corners of the city. One thing hasn’t changed much though. These were meant to be a luxury home. In the present time too, this type of house remains an ultimate luxury statement. See some of the exquisitely designed villas right here on the website.

Villas as your permanent home vs. villas as your weekend home

You can consider buying a villa in a peaceful location in Singapore and set up your primary abode there. On the other hand, you may equally consider building a villa as a weekend retreat. The beach villas of the city, built in charming locations, would offer you the kind of relaxation that you would look forward to after a hard week’s work.

Are they common in Singapore?

Singapore is home to many different kinds of architectural style. Villas tend to be one of the most prominent types you will get to see here. Places in or near Ocean Drive, Sixth Avenue and Eden Park have the largest concentration of detached and semi-detached houses like these. As you may have already guessed by now, those by the Ocean Drive especially closest to the Lakeshore View and Sentosa Cove offer the most charming views.

Building a villa

Building a house in Singapore is a costly affair. The price of land is high. Those closest to the premier locations, as discussed above, tend to be exorbitantly priced. But you need not lose heart. A little patience and thorough research will often help you uncover a gem of a plot, just the right one for your dream villa. By the way, if you are thinking of exploring some of the other types of family residences before making any purchasing decision, check these single family homes out. Bali villas are also a rage nowadays.

You can build a residence for your family from scratch. The cost, including buying a piece of suitable land in a reasonably good location, will be somewhere around SGD 3 million. As opposed to a sprawling bungalow which you may not need to have, you can consider building a two or three room residence. The prices will come down considerably. Keep provisions for expansions when need be.

But if you have eyes on charming residences close to Sixth Avenue or Ocean Drive, be prepared to pay on or above SGD 7 million. The grandest ones among them cost SGD 16 million onwards.    

Protective measures against possible natural disasters

Whether you are building a new house or purchasing an existing one invest in fire insurance. Install fire alarms, smoke detectors etc to protect the property and those within the house. During heavy rainfall, some areas of the city may experience temporary flooding. This is nothing to be alarmed of. But invest in quality weather proof building materials and exterior paints. 

Legal issues that may arise when building a villa

As a prospective homeowner you are expected to follow specific rules and regulations. These keep on changing frequently. So consult with a reputed lawyer to understand all the regulations. Showcase your buyer’s intent by signing on a formal agreement and paying 1% of the fee of the property in advance. The legal process of buying a house or building a new one is fairly swift.

Pros & cons

Owning a property in a thriving city like Singapore is always a highly advisable step. It promises you a quality of lifestyle that you are looking forward to. Many international companies have already set up their bases in the city. The economy of the place is booming and the mood is upbeat. You stand to gain substantially if you consider selling it off in the near future. However, if you are not very sure of your plans in the near future yet, it may just be reasonable to wait and watch for some time. For the time being, you can also buy luxury apartments in one of the posh condominiums of the city.

Maintenance & costs

The maintenance cost of the houses in Singapore is not unduly high. There are taxes that you need to pay to the civic authorities including property taxes. But those are at par and sometimes lower than other prominent cities of South Asia. You must, however, take into consideration the costs involved in maintaining the health of the premises periodically. Service charges and parking fees – if you do not own a garage – come as extras.  

Which professionals will be able to help you?

You may be buying a pre-built home or have already decided on the design of your house. But have you made plans about decorating your dream bedroom or the spacious living room that promises to be a delight for your guests? Not yet? Then do not waste any more time. Check out these beautiful décor ideas of bedrooms and living rooms. 

Pick the one that seems most captivating to you and modify it a little to suit the space you are about to decorate. What’s more? You can also discuss your requirements with one of the interior designers and plan your dream décor.   

When building it from scratch

When building from a scratch take into account all the costs involved in the project. Discuss your needs with experts and select your priorities. Also, mark out sometime for research on the available properties. Do not take any decision in haste.

Reforming a villa

The city is home to many old and sometimes dilapidated houses. You may consider buying one of these and then renovate it according to your plan. In many cases, this may prove to be a more cost effective option than building from ground up.