Windows: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are the different window types and designs for a home in Singapore?

Windows are one of the most prominent features of your home. The design of windows has a huge impact on the beauty of the façade of a house. Their presence makes your home more comfortable to live in. They help in the ventilation process. When open, windows also let through natural light in every corner of your home. For these reasons, you must take due care in choosing the right design and materials for your windows. You may choose windows made of wood, metal or vinyl. Wooden windows are designed from cherry, walnut, hickory, alder or pine. They are one of the most commonly used materials for carving doors and windows since ancient time. 

Wooden windows help you maintain a properly insulated interior. They look beautiful and are very durable. Sometimes wood is used in conjunction with glass panels. Metals like aluminium and galvanised steel are often utilised to design the window frames. In cities like Singapore, aluminium windows are quite common. Aluminium windows are lightweight and resistant to rusting and rotting. However, when hit by sharp objects, aluminium can develop dent marks. Steel frames are very durable and capable of maintaining the internal security of a home. Vinyl is one of the cheapest of all materials used for framing windows. Vinyl is reasonably durable, available in exciting colours and is rust resistant. Windows can also be differentiated based on their designs.

Casement windows are very common in the residential buildings of Singapore. They are attached to the window frame with the help of hinges. Casement windows allow maximum amount of sunlight inside the home. Popular French windows are a variation to the casement windows. Single hung and double hung windows are excellent options for small homes. They remain within the frame even when open, so they don’t take up added space. In case of a single hung window, only one of the sashes can be moved. In double hung windows, on the other hand, both the sashes can be moved upwards and downwards.

Stationary windows, also known as picture windows, allow you to gain a panoramic view of the exterior. These windows cannot be opened. So they are only used for decorative purposes or to brighten up the interior of a home. Sometimes they are attached alongside or above a casement window and doorways. Awnings are hinged on top. They open outside the frame and are generally installed in the basement area, attic, kitchen or bathroom.

How much time would it take to install windows in my home?

The time required for installing windows depend heavily on the type of window design, their numbers, room size and location. A simple prefabricated casement window can be installed in a single afternoon. The price of windows is determined by their design, sizes, materials and location for installation. Casement windows cost less than SGD 750. Large sliding windows, on the other hand, may cost around SGD 1000. For installing windows in a family home, have a minimum budget of SGD 7500. Replacement windows may cost slightly less than that, especially if you manage to recycle some of your older window materials.

Which option is better for my windows: Shutters, blinds or curtains?

Curtains are the most common window treatment for a home in Singapore. You have massive range of textiles, colours and designs to choose from and design very stylish curtains for your home. Select colours and motifs that suit the overall colour scheme of the interiors. Buy heavier curtains to protect the interior from harsh sunlight, maintain privacy and improve the acoustics of the home. Mesh curtains are useful to bring in sunshine, especially in the winter months. 

You may buy blinds made of bamboo, wood, vinyl or textile. Blinds act as effective barriers to sunlight. They are popularly used in home offices, corridors and bedrooms. Shutters made of wood are costlier than curtains and blinds. But they help you design a very modish interior. You may also buy shutters made of vinyl for their cost effectiveness. Discuss your requirements with an interior designer to choose the right materials and designs for the window treatment.

How to maintain and install windows in Singapore?

To maintain the health and beauty of your windows, regularly clean them with soft cloths. Use a solution of soap water to clean the glasses and remove grease and oil spots from them. In every three to four years, give your window frames a fresh coat of paint. If the window frames start showing signs of aging, don’t hesitate to change them. You may seek help of an expert window installer to do so. Similarly change the rubber seals as soon as cracks appear on them. Otherwise, they will negatively affect the insulation of the interiors.

Hire experts to perform the task of window installation. You will be able to complete the task with minimum amount of fuss this way. You will find professional window installation expert right here on homify. Consider taking suggestions from your close friends who might have bought a new home or renovated the old windows in the recent time. Do a thorough research about the level of experience and expertise of the professionals you get in touch with. Only when you are completely satisfied with their past projects and feedbacks from their previous clients, go ahead and allow them to work on your house windows.