Wooden-doors: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Is a wooden door the best option for my home?

Wooden doors are one of the commonest features of a residential building in Singapore. Doors made of wood seem to have never gone out of fashion. They remain a very popular choice to this date. There are several reasons for their enduring popularity. As a material, wood is extremely durable and long lasting. Different wood types showcase a varying texture and colour. It helps you design a very warm and elegant space. Wood can be carved into beautiful designs. You may opt for ornately curved wooden doors for your classical home, simple panel doors with a rustic charm for your country dwelling and sleek wooden doors for your contemporary city home.

Wood can be used as a basic material for exterior doors as well as the interior ones. Sometimes wood is combined with glass panels or metallic accents to create very gorgeous door designs. Wooden doors are capable of providing quality insulation to the interiors. They help you design a more energy efficient home. Wood is an organic and sustainable material. It can be used to build reasonably secure exterior doors.

On the other hand, high quality wood is no longer so easy to procure as it was about half a century ago. Dwindling natural resources have made them sparse in the local market of Singapore. For the same reason, many homeowners avoid using wood in the interiors. They fear the adverse effects of cutting down trees to decorate the interior and exterior of their homes. Wood is one of the costliest door materials. Only galvanised steel comes close to it in terms of price.

They are not as secure as the steel doors. Unlike uPVC, vinyl and fibreglass doors, wood needs regular maintenance. You should oil and varnish your wooden doors every four years or so. The recurrent costs and hassles associated with the job tend to put off many homeowners from opting for wooden doors.

What type of wood is best for my doors?

For selecting the right wood type of your door, you have plenty of options available. Take a note of the interior décor or speak with your interior designer for a better insight about choosing the right type of timber for your doors. Certain wood types like cedar, ash, maple etc suit certain decorative style like Scandinavian design. Teak would be an ideal option if you are building a traditional country style home in Singapore. It is easier to source teak locally than some other exotic wood types.

Oak is one of the most popular wood types for the interior and exterior doors. You may also use oak to build garage doors. It is durable and renowned for its pronounced texture and characteristic knots. The dark tone and knotty texture of walnut is revered for ages. They are expensive, but beautiful. Experienced carpenters believe they are also very easy to work with. You may build matching flooring and furniture with walnut. It is one of the most durable wood types.

Poplar suits the interior of modern and Scandinavian homes. It has smooth texture but very pronounced colour variation. It is one of the least expensive hardwood types. Maple is another all time favourite. It is fine grained and boasts of a long life. The colour of maple lightens over a period of time. Mahogany is frequently used in the interiors of the eastern homes. Mahogany can be utilised to build the patio doors, internal and external doors. The intense red hue is appreciated by many.

Though pine is softwood, it is frequently used to build doors and the frames of the glass doors. It is cost effective and smooth. The light tone of pine is favoured by many. The characteristic knots of juniper are considered highly praiseworthy by the interior designers as well as the modern homeowners. Doors and windows made of juniper would aptly fit in your log house, Mediterranean style dwelling or city apartment.

What are the safety options for my wooden doors in Singapore?

Safety and security of the house is of paramount importance to everyone. Fortunately, wooden doors are fairly secure, strong and difficult to break in. To enhance the security of the exterior doors, you may consider building a secondary steel or wrought iron gate. You may apply the same technique to secure a glass door with wood frame as well. Install high security locks. Deadbolts are considered the most secure locking option. You may install a security camera above the front door and connect it with your home security system. Don’t forget to install child safe locks in the interior doors, if you have young children at home.

How to care for my wooden doors?

Beautiful door designs make the façade of your home look more impressive. To maintain this beauty, you need to take care of your doors regularly. Use a soft brush or cloth to remove the dust and cobweb from the surface of the door and around it. A clean entrance way acts like a portal to a happy and healthy home. According to feng shui, neat and tidy doorways help cultivate positive vibe inside the house. Apply oil and paint on the wooden surface periodically. This will extend the life of the doors. Hire an expert door installer to install the interior and exterior doors of your home and ensure safety and security of your home.